5 Minutes with...


5 Minutes with...

Aussie BB babe, Bree Warren.

Chatting all things NY living, self love and glowing skin tips with one of the original Bali Body babes, Bree Warren. 

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is… 

Shower and wash my face! I’m trying to become a morning person so getting up and showering gives me extra time to wake up.

What BB product do you use for glowing skin in New Yorks freezing cold winters and super hot summers?

I use the Luxe Moisturising Body Lotion twice a day in New York, whether it’s hot or cold! I’m always dry and a little dehydrated from flying so it helps a lot with keeping my skin healthy and moisturised.  

Your top self love tip...

There’s so much more to life than stressing out over your body! I think body confidence comes from being happy and embracing what you have rather than wishing for things you don’t have. It’s such a waste of energy. We are all created differently and that should be a good thing! Hot bods come in all shapes and sizes.

One place in the world you are dying to go to? 

Capetown or the Maldives ….hopefully, I'll get there soon!

You’re a babe who travels a lot.. what Bali Body product do you always remember to pack?

Definitely my Coconut Lip Balm. I take it everywhere. I love that it’s hydrating and has SPF, but it doesn't leave your lips looking white like other SPF lip balms. It's perfect for travelling.


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