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Lifestyle blogger, long time Bali Body babe and soon to be mumma, Sivan Ayla.

Our BB Cream and Natural Tanning & Body Oil are among her holy grails for glowing skin. Sivan Ayla has been repping BB on her IG since way back and the feeling is mutual. We wanted to catch up with one of our all time fave lifestyle and beauty bloggers to chat about travel, skincare saviours and pregnancy.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?
I hate to admit it but I check my phone while I cuddle my puppies in bed. My husband makes breakfast so we all wait for our cue to get out of bed lol.

Most vital piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Simple. Drink lots of water. Hydration is the key to keeping your skin youthful, supple and radiant. Of course, SPF is important too, but I am sun lover so I think everything in moderation is fine.  

I can’t live without…
My Bali Body BB Cream! It has changed my life, honestly. So easy to use, gives me a tan & glow and doesn’t irritate my skin, ever. So many people message me on Instagram thanking me for introducing them to the product, makes me really happy.

You’re pregnant, congrats! What was trying to get pregnant like for you?
Thank you! We had been trying for about 2 years and were unsuccessful but I wanted it to happen naturally and when the time was right. I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ so I kept an open mind, a relaxed attitude, and didn’t put too much pressure on the situation. I truly believe letting things happen when they are supposed to is the way to live.

It’s hot AF in Los Angeles right now, what are your go-to products for hot weather?
OMG it’s hot! I embrace the hot weather and either hit the beach or pool with my Bali Body Natural Tanning & Body Oil. These days my skin is more sensitive because of the pregnancy so I do a light layer of SPF first and then the oil. My tan is still deep and golden, thank god!

Next stop on your vacay list?
Morocco. Dying to go! It’s next on my list so hopefully my husband will take baby duty so I can do a fun girls trip there!

Would you rather never wear mascara or lipstick ever again?
That’s just cruel to make me pick! I think I’d forgo lipstick. Mascara is def a face changer so I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

You’ve been a fan of our products for a long time now, what is your all time fave?
The Natural Tanning & Body Oil was the first product I ever tried and was instantly hooked. I’m a huge fan of it and you guys really do make amazing products. The BB cream and another fave for sure!

You’re going on a tropical vacay, what are you packing?
BIKINIS! I hardly bring any clothes on tropical vacations. Sunnies, sandals, hat, cover ups, and of course a Bali Body Tanning Oil. That’s pretty much all I need on an island. 


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