How to combat dry and dehydrated skin


How to combat dry and dehydrated skin

We’ve all been there.

Neglecting our skin is unfortunately a sin most of us commit on a regular basis.

And let’s face it, there really is no nicer feeling than slipping into clean sheets with silky smooth skin to compliment. It’s the simple things in life that really go the extra mile.

So we’re here to teach you the easiest and fastest way to give your skin a little TLC, in under 2 minutes.

Step 1: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

The most simple, yet the most neglected part of any skin care regimen.

Long gone are the days of harsh scrubbing applicators and routines, feeling like our skin is going red raw with the pressure. 

If you’re using a 100% natural DHA self-tanner, then the self-tan only sits on the first layer of your skin, your epidermis. Synthetic or chemical DHA-based tans actually seep into the lower levels of your skin, making it much more difficult to remove. 

In essence, we always recommend that you opt for a 100% natural DHA self-tanner. Not only to add ease to the post tanning removal process, but to also support a healthy relationship with your skin and it’s overall health.

To exfoliate, we recommend using a light to medium pressurised, natural body scrub that also harbours benefits for the skin.

Our Essentials Body Scrub is an all-natural formulation that gently but effectively exfoliates the skin while replenishing moisture. Pink french clay and nourishing plant based oils work together to promote skin elasticity and renewal. Infused with a blend of grape seed oil and rosa damascena flower oil, this combination is designed to provide antibacterial properties, minimising the occurrence of body acne and other skin concerns.

Step 2: Stay hydrated

We know that sometimes getting your 2L of H2O every day can be more of a laborious chore, rather than a self care act. Keeping your skin hydrated should be no less of a priority than the latter. 

There are generally 3 ways you can go about this:

1 - Mid-wash hydration

This is usually when you use an in-shower or oil-based product whilst you wash. Our in-shower body oil is a great product for this method of combating skin hydration. Enriched with soothing ingredients such as chamomile and coconut oil, the formulation of our Shower Oil has been designed to soften the skin's surface and help control skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Our in-shower body oil also includes nourishing plant-based oils such as grapeseed oil, which aims to provide intense hydration to the skin. 

To use, apply generously to wet or damp skin in the shower. Following this, massage all over your body and focus on any dry areas or where the skin is cracked and neglected (elbows, knee caps etc). Lastly, rinse off in the shower and you’re good to go! 

A product like that is perfect for daily use and complimentary for all skin types and skin aversions, including sensitised skin.

2 - Post-wash hydration

The second and probably most obvious skin hydration tip is to moisturise daily. We recommend using a 3-in-1 product, like our Gradual Tan Moisturiser. Using 100% natural DHA and other natural ingredients and oils, our Gradual Tan can be used as a daily moisturiser, a tan extender or a gradual tan.

3 - General product mindfulness

As explored above, the importance of choosing to use products that contain natural ingredients and oils is extremely important - especially when you are applying it topically all over your body's largest organ.

Always be sure to educate yourself regarding what is actually in a product and favour ingredient-focused formulations. Also, try to get in the habit of electing to seek out products that are sustainable in their packaging and their ethos. Our new Essentials range has been designed using 100% recyclable materials and is safe for all skin types and pregnancy.

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