Gym For Your Skin

Time to get physical and combat cellulite, dry skin and more 

Whip your skin into shape with these simple tips and tricks.

Just like Kim Kardashian's booty, our skin needs a workout to keep it in tip-top condition. Welcome to the BB skin gym where you'll be ready to hit Nammos beach in no time. Unlike a dreaded McFit or Kayla Itsines workout, these steps to better skin won't even have you breaking a sweat.


Let's face it, we all have it. We may as well embrace it because no matter what fad tea your drinking, this is one of those things that ain't leaving. There is, however, ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

So what exactly is cellulite, (besides annoying?). It's a dimpling of the skin that occurs when the naturally occurring fat pushes against the skin tissue. So to reduce the severity of this, invest in a dry brush. The motion of literally brushing your entire body encourages circulation and boosts blood flow to the surface of the skin.

Incorporating this into your daily routine will result in firmer and more toned skin. Combine daily brushing with our Natural & Tanning Body Oil and you'll be sure to notice a change in the texture and appearance of your skin.


Best described as patches of discoloration, where melanin in the skin has decided to hold a party. The concentration of this melanin creates changes in our skin tone, often looking like freckles or dark spots. It can be spurred on by hormonal fluctuations and is really common in pregnancy.

To ward off these face gate-crashers, dermatologists often recommended applying a Vitamin C or Retinol serum to assist in fading the pigmentation. While you wait for these serums to work their magic, apply our BB Cream daily. The SPF15 will prevent them from getting darker and will also help to smooth and minimise the appearance. Say hello to even, glowing skin.

Dry Skin

Probably the most common culprit. Armed with the right arsenal this is the easiest to combat. But don't be fooled into thinking that applying a moisturiser every couple of days will do the trick. Sure you may notice a day of smoother skin, but we want baby soft, silk-like skin all the time. Picking the right moisturiser here is key.

Heavy, rich lotions can sometimes smother the skin resulting in your body constantly relying on it for maintained hydration. Opt for a lightweight, nourishing moisturiser like our Luxe Moisturising Lotion. Take your moisturising routine from ordinary to OMG by applying it daily after your shower. This will provide the best results, as the skin is warm and ready to soak up its skin-loving goodness, like Vitamin E.

But why stop there? For the ultimate hydration, apply a body oil mask once a week to your entire body and let it work its magic. Incorporating this step into your weekly routine will ensure that your skin is nourished and hydrated on a deeper level. We recommend using an oil like our Natural Tanning & Body Oil as it will smooth, soften and repair your skin.

It’s time to get up and glow, so sign your skin up to a membership that will combat even your most stubborn skin dilemmas. Get physical and incorporate some of these tips into your regular skin routine for achievable results. No heavy lifting or treadmill required. 

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