Do Self Tan Products Cover Stretch Marks?


Do Self Tan Products Cover Stretch Marks?

The 2 best products that actually work

Our top picks for the best self tans that will help cover scars and stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are a natural (and beautiful) result of growth spurts, hormonal changes and weight changes. We understand that self love can sometimes be a long & windy journey. One day you’ll love those tiger stripes and the next day you might want to cover them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and thankfully you can temporarily do the later with a good bottle of fake tan

Every babe (and stretch mark) is different 
Scar tissue and stretch marks are more often than not a different texture to your skin and can appear to be either white/silverish, reddish or a slightly darker colour in comparison to your normal skin tone. Generally speaking, self tan may help camouflage your tiger stripes or make them appear more obvious depending on their colour or texture. The key is to find the right self tan that works for your skin and doing a patch test in a small area on your skin first. Just like any self tan application, you would exfoliate the day prior then apply the self tan to clean skin. Once you’ve showered off the colour guide, you'll be able to see if you’ve successfully covered and helped smooth out the appearance of your stretch marks or if you need to try a different product. Thankfully, we have a large range of self tan products and something to suit everyone. 

Best self tan to cover stretch marks
After a few test runs, we’ve narrowed down the best product to aid in covering stretch marks to be our Self Tanning Mousse in shade dark. It is easy to use, applies flawlessly with our Luxe Tanning Mitt and develops into the most beautiful shade bronze on the skin. Its golden, natural tone means that it's less likely to cause your stretch marks to appear more obvious and instead help smooth out the look of your overall skin tone. The colour guide makes it easy to achieve a streak free tan that will last around 5-7 days on the skin with daily moisturisation. 

Runner up: Best self tan to cover stretch marks
We’ve chosen the runner up based on the fact that it is a multi-purpose dream, combining your self tan with daily moisturiser. Our Gradual Tan provides a subtle self tan with every application alongside a boost of hydration. The reason why it’s in our top picks to help cover stretch marks is because often stretch marks can look worse than they appear due to dehydration. Not only will the Gradual Tan help camouflage your stretch marks with a subtle self tan, it will also deeply hydrate the skin with its nourishing oils and vitamin E. The Gradual Tan allows you to gradually build colour and customise your perfect tan, so you can choose to apply it once or a few times in order to get the perfect consistency of bronze while covering your stretch marks. 

For what it’s worth, we think you’re perfect just the way you are babe. Shop the full Bali Body self range here

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