How to Maintain Your Summer Tan Throughout The Winter Season

As the winter climates set in, and the fear of losing our summer glows becomes way too real, Bali Body steps in to save the day. Maintain your summer tan all winter long with our trusty skin lovin products

As the winter climates set in, and the fear of losing our summer glows becomes way too real, Bali Body steps in to save the day. Did you know hydration is key to keeping your skin glowing and nourished all winter long? So luckily all BB products are packed with all the good stuff that provide the deepest kind of hydration that your skin will love you for. By using these three skin slaves, BB will make sure that glow stays with you all winter long.

Staying Hydrated and Golden

Unfortunately as the colder climates set in, our skin tone becomes dull as hydration is lost. However, with our Natural Tanning and Body Oil you can rejuvenate your skin and enjoy your extended summer tan all winter long. Lather yourself with BB Gold and let the Coconut Oil sink in while it rejuvenates deep into the layers of your skin. Each bottle is packed with nourishing ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil that deeply moisturises and tightens skin and Jojoba Oil that fights against fatty tissue. These superhero ingredients keep your skin glowing from top to toe everyday. Maintaining that summer tan is easy when you apply our Natural Body Oil daily. Use in a hot shower and apply all over your body to nourish deep into your pores or replace your moisturiser and apply to clean dry skin for a ultra radiant glow. Making these easy tips part of your everyday ritual means babes all over the globe can enjoy golden skin year round.


Feel Fresh And Rejuvenated 

In the cooler months it is easy for our skin to not feel as fresh, smooth and nourished due to a loss of hydration. Our Watermelon Tanning Oil can be used no matter the season to bring life back into their skin and rejuvenate deep into the layers to keep their summer glow. Bring you skin back to life by applying our Watermelon Tanning Oil let this marvel product work its magic as it locks in moisture with Watermelon seed oil. Filled with antioxidants that replenish the skin, you'll be glowing all winter long. If you're the kind of gal that can’t stand going all winter long without a extra kick of Vitamin D, our Watermelon Tanning Oil can be used in solariums or sun beds as some babes like to call them, for the deepest natural tan. Lather up and get your glow on while the oil moisturises and nourishes.


Moisturise and Bronze

Wouldn’t you just love to get that ‘I just got back from the Bahamas kinda glow' in an instant? With our Bronzing Lotion you can. Add a little luxe to the colder months by applying this bronzing boss everyday. Enriched with caramel extract that gives your skin that hint of tint on application and is packed with coconut oil that quickly penetrates deeply into the layers of your skin to rejuvenate and hydrate. Use everyday by applying to clean, exfoliated skin for the smoothest tan. Our Bronzing Lotion will give you that extra glow to your extended summer tan in any season.

Cant decide?

This winter get the whole glow gang and keep that summer tan throughout all the cooler seasons. All your winter essentials in one bundle.

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