How To Make Your Makeup Last In The Heat


How To Make Your Makeup Last In The Heat

Sweat-proof your make up

We’ve all had that moment when you look in the mirror to see that your once perfectly applied makeup is a hot mess.

A European summer is full of many wonderful things, but smudged lipstick, melting makeup and smeared eyeliner is not one of them. A babe needs to look her best when she's visiting the Trevi Fountain, no matter what the humidity. Whether you’re on vacay or just enjoying the sunshine, it’s time to start changing things up to ensure your makeup gets the extra TLC is needs to survive the entire day - you never know when you could meet a cute boy. Here are some pro-tips to sweat proofing your makeup, keeping you looking nothing but fresh despite the weather working against you.

Start with a clean base

If you’re trying to avoid looking like your face is melting away, you need to ensure your face is clean before applying any products. Makeup directly on a sweaty face is a disaster waiting to happen. Clean your face really well before adding a little warmth by using the Bali Body Face Tan Water. The lightweight water will double as your toner while also evening out your complexion. Now your base is a perfect shade of bronze, it’s time to add some make up.

It’s a crime not to prime

The high humidity in summer calls for a lightweight, cream based primer. Any beauty obsessed babe knows that you will never regret the 30 seconds it takes to apply your primer. Nothing holds your makeup in place quite like it. After giving your primer of choice a good 30-60 seconds to breath, you’re ready for the next anti-sweat secret weapon courtesy of international makeup artist, Benjamin Puckey. Benjamin recommends adding a small layer of translucent powder directly onto your primer before you add your foundation. The layer of powder between your two liquid based products give your makeup more grip and lasting power. It sounds a little crazy right? But when he has shot the front cover of Vogue more times than one, who are we to judge?

Less is always more

When it comes to nailing the perfect makeup look on a hot summer's day, less is always more. Too much heavy makeup mixed with sweat will leave you with nothing but some awkward creasing and caking on your face - both very much unwanted. A good BB Cream really is a fail proof option, giving you the perfect amount of coverage while also feeling barely there. Apply your BB Cream directly on top of your translucent powder with a brush so you’re not adding too much extra oil to the skin from your hands and layer it up as much as you like. To recap so far: clean, face tan, prime, powder, BB Cream.

Mix your own highlighter

Keep calm babes, there’s a way you can stop your highlighter from sliding straight off. The trick is to use a thicker oil to set your highlighter in between applications and we’re going to show you how to make your own using some of your BB essentials. Apply a small amount of the Shimmering Body Oil and Coconut Lip Balm to the back of your hand, keeping the products separated. Dab some of the Shimmering Body Oil on your usual highlight spots: top of your cheek bones, nose and cupid’s bow. Follow by adding the Coconut Lip Balm on top and re-apply the Shimmering Body Oil again. The lip balm acts as a sticky layer for your highlight to sit on top of, meaning it won't budge at all. It’s highlight magic like you have never seen before!

Stock up on waterproof eye makeup

No babe has the time to deal with panda eyes while she’s out on the town. Be sure you’re only using waterproof mascara, brow pencil and eyeliner so your makeup stays put while you’re on the dance floor. Once you have finished all the necessary steps to long-lasting make up, finish off with a good setting spray and you’re ready to go, babes. We recommend using our Hydrating Face Mist. It contains glycerin which is a known makeup setting essential. Last but not least, pack some blotting paper in your handbag so you can get rid of any sweat before re-applying makeup while you’re out. Nothing can stop you now!

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