The Guide to NYS-Ready Skin


The Guide to NYS-Ready Skin

Glow your way into 2017 in 3 steps

Shine at your NYS party with our quick guide to getting that NYS glow. After all, it marks the last day/night of the festive season so you’ll wanna make sure you go out with a bang. 2017 we’re coming for you!

Step 1: Prep your skin, i.e. right away. Buff away dead skin with a gentle exfoliator, then get to work in the hydration department. You want your skin to be glowing before you even get to step 2. Layer your skin from top to toe in our Luxe Lotion and repeat daily, It’s intensely hydrating but still light enough to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin. What's more, it'll take care of any nasties i.e. eczema, bumps or lumps that may be wreaking havoc on your skin.

Step 2: It’s the day of your NY party and you're getting ready to drink some pinas and drop it like its hot… but first, skin-glow. Our BB Cream, otherwise known as the complexion perfecter, is perfect for the babe that loves a flawless, natural looking finish. It perfects the skin without covering it. If you wanna go a little heavier, you can use the BB Cream as a primer and layer your foundation of choice over the top. You’ll want one of these in your hand bag for touch-ups. After all, it could be a long day/night.

Step 3: Even if your skin isn’t in summer mode you’ll wanna make it look like it is. Enter BB Bronzing Lotion; a moisturiser with bronzing benefits. So it hydrates whilst giving the skin an instant bronzed glow. It’s easy to apply and streak-free which saves precious time for getting ready i.e. pre-drinking.

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