Ultra Dark Self Tan Vs Original Self Tan


Ultra Dark Self Tan Vs Original Self Tan

Which mousse is right for you?

Raise your hand if you're self tan obsessed. Same.  

Sometimes finding the perfect self tan for your skin might feel like a never ending battle. Whether you spray or use a mousse, you can be left with streaks, patches and blotches that scream “this is not a natural sun tan.” Lucky for you, we have two incredible self tan mousses that not only give a dark, yet extremely natural looking fake tan but fade so naturally no one will know your self tan secret. We're here to end your long search for the perfect tan. Here’s the low down on which of our 5 star self tanning mousses will be right for you.

Original Dark Self Tanning Mousse

If you’re the kind of babe that is all for a sunkissed tan that makes it look like you spent hours poolside, this one's for you. It’s perfect for babes with light to medium skin tones and first time self tanners. This sell out self tan is formulated with colour guide technology to ensure a flawless fake tan every single time. It’s filled with nourishing ingredients such as chamomile extract, antioxidant coffee seed extract and pomegranate extract that will leave the skin not only bronzed but hydrated and radiant. 

Ultra Dark Self Tan

Our Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse gives the darkest fake tan ever, and we mean ever. We recommend this one to babes with olive skin tones or fake tan pro’s. Similar to the original self tanning mousse, it’s filled with skin loving ingredients that not only give a deep bronzed glow but also smooth and replenish the skin. This game changing formula contains 100% natural DHA and is streak free. This self tan also has a more pigmented colour guide therefore when applying the self tan, it's easier to achieve a flawless colour all over. 

Luxe Tanning Mitt

BB Pro Tip: for the most flawless tan possible, you need our Luxe Tanning Mitt. The plush velvet material glides seamlessly over the skin, leaving the most perfect, bronzed tan while keeping your hands stain free. Want 20% off our Tanning Mitt? Just purchase it directly with one of our self tan mousses. 

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