How to kick-start your workout routine:


How to kick-start your workout routine:

Did you make a New Years resolution to be fit and healthy that has already been neglected? We hear ya, babe. Generally the year starts off with such a bang that you blink and it’s almost March. The best thing about this thou, is you are now nice and settled into routine so it’s the perfect time for a refresh. Lets hit the kick-start button and go team! #teambalibody

Lets get moving.

Did you know when you exercise you release endorphins and endorphins make you really happy. Set a goal to move every single day, even if you do a short walk, it’s the best way to start your day.

I don't know about you, but after seeing this babe I will not be skipping my pump class tomorrow. #motivation

Write your plan down now.

It’s all well and good to say you’re going to set that 6am alarm, but research proves if you write things down you are more likely to stick to it. Plan your weekly routine and put it on paper. Want guns? Get organised.

Drink more water.

H2o is your best friend. "Drink no less than 2-3 liters a day", is the most over said and underestimated health tip ever. The benefits of drinking water are huge, it aids digestion, helps with body maintenance and flushes out any waste and toxins. Drink up, girlfriend.

Invest in a workout buddy.

Everything is better with a bestie! Find a fellow Bali Body babe and get moving together. The girls at Base Body Babes are total inspo for you and your bestie!

Are we ready to go team? Yes we are! Get your gym gear, plan, water bottle and bestie and you are ready to rumble. Goodluck #teambalibody, you can totally do it.

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