The most effective way to apply sunscreen


The most effective way to apply sunscreen

A little more comprehensive than ‘slip, slop, slap!’

Here at Bali Body, we are very passionate about the importance of SPF and SPF enriched products. It is one thing to be across the importance of preserving our skin against external factors, but it’s a whole other ballgame to know how to apply sunscreen correctly and most effectively.

This blog post will outline the most effective ways that you should be applying sunscreen and the products that we encourage you to include in your routine.

1. Apply and wait 20 minutes

A common mistake made by many. You’ve actually probably seen this on the label of your sunscreen before, and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably ignored it most of the time.

Research suggests that sunscreen application is most effective when applied early and liberally. The rule of thumb is 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and every 2 hours after.

Our ever-growing range of natural tanning oils are available in different levels of SPF, allowing you to have freedom of choice in selecting the right product for your setting. As suggested on the back of our products, reapplication every 2 hours is essential and should be applied in conjunction with a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

2. Be generous!

Another important rule in applying sunscreen is to be generous in your application. Research supports that the average adult needs at least 35ml of product for one full-body application. This is equivalent to more than half a teaspoon to each arm and the face and just over 1 teaspoon to each leg, the back and front of the body.

3. Consistency is key

Traditional sunscreen marketing campaigns are centred around the linkages between the hot, glaring sun and sunscreen use. However, as research and education have developed over time, it is now more well known than ever that daily sunscreen use is paramount for optimal skin health and preservation. 

Modern recommendations from dermatologists and health professionals are suggesting that daily sunscreen use, especially on our complexions, is just as - if not more important than applying sunscreen when we know we will be in direct sunlight and high UV rating.

Sun damage to the skin is caused by the skin’s surface being unprotected in one aspect or another against the environment’s UV rating. Research suggests that any UV rating over 3 can evoke sun damage to unprotected skin. 

In Australia for example, there are only 2-3 months per year per state that have a UV rating average of under 3.

With research like this available, it is considered best practice to apply sunscreen daily - even when it seems overcast or that the sun won’t be visible to the naked eye. 

Always ensure any cosmetic products you apply to your complexion have added SPF and used  in conjunction with your topical sunscreen. Our BB cream is a great cosmetic product for daily use that has added SPF 15. SPF 15 can block 93.3% of the UVR and in combination with any other facial sunscreen products, will protect your complexion entirely from the sun’s sometimes incognito damage.

We hope these tips have helped better educate you on the most effective way to apply sunscreen and have provided you with some product recommendations in the process.

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